Corner Speed – December 2015

Corner Speed

Hello and welcome to the December competition report. The sprinting calendar is now complete for the year. It was my first full year and I had a brilliant time, my only regret is that I didn’t start sprinting years ago. For those that haven’t I recommend you give it a go. If you love driving your Alfa, which we all do, why not unlock its full potential in relative safety on the track.

The results for the last round of the year, round 5 held on the 27th September, were as follows

Racing Under 3L
First: Andrew Scadding
Second: Dale Ashby
Racing Under 2L
First: Michael Katsikitis
Second: Joe Grilli
Third: Malcolm Ebel
Modified Under 3L
First: David Parken
Modified Under 2L
First: Adam Savis
Slightly Modified Under 2L
First: Neil Heywood
Standard Under 2L
First: Mark Thomas
Non Alfa over 2L
First: Keith Wong
Second: Paul Connelly
Third: Andrew Poulson


A summary of the entrants for the year and their best times can be seen below:

Entrant Best time Entrant Best time
Ardill, Laurie 01:48.3 Heywood, Neil 01:34.7
Ashby, Dale 01:26.2 Katsikitis, Michael 01:25.5
Axford, Peter 01:23.8 Kloppers, Paul 01:34.5
Axford, Peter (In Montreal) 01:27.2 Miklic, Rick 01:41.8
Barrie, Ian 01:40.6 Parken, David 01:26.2
Barwick, David 01:40.9 Phelps, John 01:32.6
Connelly, Paul 01:23.7 Poulson, Andrew 01:26.1
Crouch, Chris 01:28.6 Savis, Adam 01:30.5
Crouch, Ian 01:25.8 Scadding, Andrew 01:21.6
Davenport, Bob 01:44.2 Thomas, Mark 01:35.6
Ebel, Malcolm 01:31.6 Wanzek, Justin 01:22.4
Field, David 01:33.8 Wiltshire, Justin 01:26.7
Grilli, Joe 01:26.2 Wong, Keith (Ferrari) 01:15.5
Heaven, Geoff 01:29.1 Wong, Keith (Honda) 01:20.0


The sprinting calendar for 2016 has been finalised and the dates are largely as expected except for the first round, its one month earlier than usual

Event Date
Round 1 21st February
Peter Hall Memorial 6 Hour Regularity Relay 1st May
Round 2 19th June
Round 3 17th July
Round 4 28th August
Round 5 23rd October


With Christmas around the corner the first sprint round will be upon us before we know it. My maintenance schedule has commenced and I’m starting to tick off my “must go faster” wish list, better brakes – done, stiffer front end – in progress, reconditioned transaxle – need to find the time. Have you started yours?

Until next month remember corner speed is everything.

Mark Thomas