Rules for Clubman & Clubwoman Awards


  • Attendance at a General Meeting 1 Point
  • Attendance at a Committee Meeting 1 Point
  • Attendance at an Annual General Meeting 5 Points
  • Prepare & Give a Presentation at a Meeting + 4 Points
  • Organise Catering for a Meeting or Event + 3 Points
  • Assist in Catering or Bar for a Meeting or Event + 2 Points

Club Events

  • Attend Club Event 2 Points
  • Organise Club Event + 5 Points
  • Assist in Organising Club Event + 2 Points

Competition Events

  • Drive at Competition Event 2 Points
  • Attend but do not participate 1 Point
  • Organise a Competition Event + 5 Points
  • Official at a Competition Event + 5 Points
  • Drive and officiate 4 Points

Magazine contributions

  • Magazine compilation  2 points
  • Magazine distribution  2 points
  • The Editor shall allocate points for contributions based on his assessment of the time and effort made. 1 to 3 points


Members are responsible for ensuring that their attendance has been recorded at all Meetings and Club Events.

Organisers of Events are responsible for providing or compiling an attendance sheet, and ensuring that the sheet is passed to the Club Captain for the club points

The Club Captain is responsible for ensuring that a sign-in sheet is available prior to every Meeting; ensuring that the attendance sheets for all Events are collected and
filed; and is responsible for the maintenance of the club points records. He/she must ensure all recipients of points are financial members.

Club Events include Club runs, Social evenings, Picnics, Off site visits, Movie nights etc.

Competition Events include Sprint Days, Driver Training, Show & Shine and Concourso.

Points for organising an event only apply when it is outside the member’s usual duties.

Points at events are allocated per full day ; and if a half day is attended then half points will be allocated.