Six Hour Rules


The MSCA six hour regularity relay is held at Mallala Race Track.

You will need a team of 4-6 cars who will engage in a sash relay for six hours. Each driver must do at least 10% of the team’s nominated laps and no driver may do more than 30% of the total laps for the team.

The scoring is done by each driver nominating a lap time which they think they can repeat on a continual basis. If the driver goes faster than that lap time, it doesn’t count; if the driver achieves a lap time within plus .99 of a second, he will receive a score of one lap plus a bonus lap (2); and if the driver does a lap time slower than nominated by greater than 1 second (any amount) then you just score one lap (1).

A possible lap score is calculated for each team by calculating how many laps they can achieve in six hours doing their nominated lap times, multiplied by two.

The final percentage is calculated by dividing the number of achieved laps by the number of possible laps x 100 as a percentage.

The highest percentage wins and any tied places will be split by the team which has the highest percentage of bonus laps. It makes no difference whether you are a team of fast cars or slow cars as it is all based on percentage of possible laps.


Each team should consist of 4-6 people, a team manager, a nominated official (to assist the MSCA if required), timing people to time and record drivers information and people at the pit wall to relay times and driving information to the drivers via pit boards,  and catering people. My own personal feeling is that you need two helpers per driver.

Please get your team together as soon as possible (if you can’t find a team just send an entry to the MSCA and they will place you), have a go, its a lot of fun.

The MSCA supplementary regulations are out now, and entries close on 20 April.

Andrew Scadding