Placing an ad

If you wish to place an ad on the club web site (and which will also appear in the monthly club magazine), this is free for financial members of AROCA SA, but there is a small charge for non-members.

If you are a financial member please tell the webmaster otherwise he will have to ask you.

Non-member charges are $5 for one month, or $10 for three months. Payment instructions are here.

Would you please advise the Webmaster if you have paid for one or three months.

Payment to be received by us before the ad is accepted.

Send your ad to us using your own email for the text plus any pics you wish to provide.

If you do use Word for your text, please send the pics separately as included pics in a Word document are not useable.

Please ensure your ad has a contact phone number and/or email address.

Send your ad to us using this link which should generate an email in your own email application.

If this doesn’t work for you:

  • email “”
  • or use the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the screen.

And it is appreciated if you can let us know when the car is sold (so the ad can be withdrawn).