Corner Speed – February 2016

Corner Speed

Hello and Happy New Year fellow competitors and readers. The first sprint round is fast approaching and I for one am excited about the year ahead. The GTV is nearly ready, I just need to change the oil and filter. I never did rebuild the transaxle, fingers crossed it holds out for another season. I’m not entirely confident it will so I purchased an insurance policy in the form of Malcolm Ebel’s car trailer.

I received my CAMS licence renewal just before Christmas, so don’t forget to check the expiry of your licence. While I’m on the subject of renewals make sure you’ve renewed your MSCA membership. The final piece of paperwork you need to complete is your AROCA competition entrant declaration form for 2016. To qualify for season points every competitor needs to complete a declaration form for the coming season, even if you haven’t modified your vehicle. A link to the declaration form is available on the website, alternatively come and see me at the next monthly meeting.

During a recent visit to the Scadding’s Andrew took me for a spin in not one but two of his Formula 98 race cars. I must admit I was quite surprised by the acceleration of the 156 and I’m now very concerned about Andrew tearing past me on the Mallala back straight.

For those not familiar with a Formula 98 car it is essentially any front wheel drive, 2 litre 4 cylinder Alfa manufactured from 1998 onwards. Formula 98 is a new category designed with strict guidelines in an attempt to neutralise the advantage of the car and allow drivers to compete on skill. The more competitors that enter the more fun will be had so if you own a 156 or perhaps 147 why not give it a try; I doubt you’ll come away disappointed.

Key dates for February include:

21 Feb MSCA Supersprint Round 1 Mallala
28 Feb MSCA Trophy day Mt Barker

Until next month remember corner speed is everything.


Mark Thomas