Corner Speed – November 2015

Corner Speed

Hello and welcome to the November competition report. Super Sprint round 5 was held on the 27th of September. Compared to the previous 3 sprints it was barmy morning, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and spirits were high for the last round of the year.

Firstly a big thank you to our flag marshals who volunteered to assist on the day, Phil and Chris Crouch, Phil Reeves and our president Steve Weedon. I’m deeply appreciative of the volunteers who donate their time to ensure the day can happen.

I was looking to finish the year off well with a time in the 134s. Neil Heywood was looking fast when he arrived, sporting a new pair of racing shoes. A new sprinter joined us for the final round, Paul Morris. Paul is a friend of mine and I worked tirelessly to convince him to purchase an Alfa for his first sprint car, unfortunately Paul has a soft spot for Fords and he arrived in a Ford Capri Turbo.

Despite the warm conditions some good times were posted, Malcolm posted his fastest time for the year. PBs were achieved by Adam Savis, myself and Neil Heywood’s new shoes lived up to their promise with a half a second improvement.

Andrew Scadding completed his final round ever in his much loved and very quick GTV. Andrew will be out there next year tearing around the track in his 156 competing in the Formula 98 class. With a growing number of cyclists on the road a spirited drive through the hills is not what it once was. So why not bring the Alfa out to Mallala and drive as fast as you dare in a cyclist free zone.

Live timing to the Natsoft website was trialled on the day with success. At the time of writing this article the results have not been posted on the MSCA website, so if you’re looking for your lap breakdown please refer to the Natsoft website.

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the October club meeting due to sickness so I’ll hand out the plaques for round 4 and round 5 at the November meeting.

The times for round 5 were as follows:

Keith Wong 1:15.52
Andrew Scadding 1:22.27
Michael Katsikitis 1:25.89
David Parkin 1:26.23
Paul Connelly 1:26.35
Joe Grilli 1:26.78
Dale Ashby 1:26.97
Andrew Poulsen 1:27.53
Adam Savis 1:30.54
Malcolm Ebel 1:31.57
Bruce Field 1:32.69
Neil Heywood 1:34.74
Benno Curth 1:35.05
Mark Thomas 1:35.63
Paul Morris 1:39.00

The results for round 4, held on the 16th August, were as follows

Racing Under 3L
First: Andrew Scadding
Second: Justin Wanzek
Racing Under 2L
First: Peter Axford
Second: Michael Katsikitis
Third: James Wiltshire
Slightly Modified Under 2L
First: Neil Haywood
Standard Under 2L
First: Mark Thomas
Second: David Barwick
Non Alfa over 2L
First: Paul Connelly
Non Alfa under 2L
First: Keith Wong

Other motorsport events scheduled in November include:

1 Nov Porsche club Supersprint Mallala
6- 8 Nov Legends of the Lakes Hillclimb Mt Gambier
14 Nov Tarmac JDP SA Motorsport Park
21 Nov Master of Mallala Series – Round 4 Mallala
22 Nov Superkart Race Meeting & Modern Regularity Mallala

Until next month remember corner speed is everything.

Mark Thomas