Trackside October 2014

Hello and welcome to the October Trackside report.

Round 4 was held on Sunday 24th August,The weather was good and many of us expected some really good times but that didn’t prove to be the way it turned out for most but some people achieved some outstanding times, congratulations to Peter Axford on his 1:23.8. I would love to see some more AROCA members return to boost the numbers for round 5 as the weather should be good.

Next round is round 5 on Sunday October the 19th which is the final round for 2014 and our club are required to provide flag marshals for the day. If you are available, please contact me ASAP.

Please do not forget to give me your Entrant Declaration ASAP so that we can get the results correct.   Round 4 results for drivers entered as Alfa Romeo Club members are:

Racing Under 3L             Racing Under 2L

1st Andrew Scadding       1st Peter Axford

2nd Dale Ashby                2nd Chris Crouch

3rd Malcolm Ebel

Super Modified Under 2L         Non Alfa Over 2L

1st Adam Savis                             1st Paul Connelly

2nd Paul Kloppers                        2nd Ian Crouch

Standard Road Reg Under 2L

1st      Ian Barrie

The dates for 2015 have been submitted to Clem Smith and some he has moved giving us the proposed dates as follows:

Round 1   22nd March   OK

Six Hour Relay   3rd May   OK

Round 2   14th June   Changed to 21st June

Round 3   19th July   OK

Round 4   23rd August   Changed to 16th August

Training Day   20th September   Changed to 27th September

Round 5   18th October   Changed to 29th November

Sue Stephenson has advised Clem Smith we will accept the first three changes and we need to discuss whether we want the November date. Do we have Round 5 on 27th September and consider the Training Day in November or have it on a Saturday earlier in the year? Your thoughts?

Other events you may be interested in on the CAMS calendar for the month of October are detailed below:

5th Hillclimb Vintage Collingrove Collingrove

11th NDCC Hillclimb Challenge Collingrove

25th CAMS Jnr. Dev. Program Tarmac Day 3 Tailem Bend Motorsport Park

26th Superkart Race Meeting Mod. Regularity Mallala

26th Hillclimb – Multi club Rnd 3 Collingrove

Hope to see your backside trackside.

Andrew Scadding

Competition Secretary