Trackside November 2014

Welcome to the November Trackside report.

Our final round for season 2014 was held Sunday 19th October. It was great to see a total of 18 Alfa Romeo members competing even though the very strong northerly winds prevailed and temperatures soared into the low 30’s, considering the previous round started out freezing cold.

These trying conditions created a large attrition rate throughout the day, with a number of our members experiencing small issues and some tricks learnt by first timers in mechanical preparation. Paul Kloppers experienced what appeared to be some ignition/electrical issues during practice and couldn’t get a timed lap in. Peter Axford and Laurie Ardill also experienced some gremlins causing misfiring and intermittent failure. I had some issues with intake air temperature in the afternoon after a couple of laps.

We took along a bbq and enjoyed bbq and salad during our lunch break huddled under the car awnings of Julie Crafter and the Scaddings along with Malcolm Ebel’s marquee.

Thank you to Viano Jaksa and Jim Delaine for volunteering their time to flag marshall, without their help we cannot play, so a very important role. Mark Juttner brought along his new camera and caught some magnificent action shots which I hope to see on a bigger screen somewhere soon.

Viano also found time to catch some action shots we hope to see also.

The results are as follows:

Andrew Scadding Alfetta GTV 01:23.27
Justin Wanzek Alfa GTV6 01:25.59
Dale Ashby Alfa Montreal 01:26.33
David Parkin Alfa GTV6 Coupe 01:29.05
Chris Crouch Alfetta GTV 01:29.72
Peter Axford Alfa Giulia GT 01:31.48
Malcolm Ebel Alfetta GT 01:32.33
Andrew Shearer Alfa 105 GT Junior 01:35.07
Mark Thomas Alfetta GTV 01:39.76
Ian Barrie Alfa 75 01:41.88
Laurie Ardill Alfa 156 01:54.72
Andrew Poulson Mazda RX7 01:25.20
Paul Connelly Ford Falcon 01:25.23
Ian Crouch Toyota MR2 01:26.32
Bruce Field Hyundai Excel 01:33.67
Julie Crafter Hyundai Excel 01:34.38
Darren Field Hyundai Excel 01:34.97


Good to see two new sprinters, namely Andrew Shearer in his GT Junior and Mark Thomas in his Alfetta GTV.

Other upcoming events for the month of November include:

Nov. 1st   SA State Circuit Racing Championships Rnd 4 Twilight Mallala

Nov 7th   John Blandens Climb to the Eagle Victoria Park

Nov 7-9th Hillclimb – Legend of the Lakes Valley Lake

Nov. 30th  Willunga Hillclimb, Willunga Hill

Please note the MSCA Trophy presentation day will be held on Sunday 15th February, at a venue yet to be confirmed. This will be followed by our first round for 2015 on Sunday 22nd March, so plenty of time now for any modifications or upgrades.

That’s all for now.

See your backside trackside.