Trackside June 2015

Not much to report this month. The 6 hour has been run and won. The results are available from the MSCA website. The historic racing weekend has also been run and some results can be found on the NATSOFT website but other results are unpublished and so far unavailable from the Sporting Car Club.

Our next sprint is on Sunday 21st June which is Round 2 for this year. Don’t forget to get your entries in to Sue Stephenson at the MSCA, and make sure your car is ready to go.

Some time ago you may remember me talking about trying to introduce a new category called “Formula 98” which the Competition Committee has discussed.

This series to include 156’s, 147’s, GT’s, GTV’s and Spyders from 1998 onwards, 2 litre, 4 cylinder road registered with the following modifications allowed, which at the moment, are very little different to Category 1 under the present rules. No GTA’s in this category. (2 litre, 4 cylinder only).

Brake pad compound free

Shocker absorbers or dampers free

Springs free

Exhaust from cat back free

Wheel alignment free

Driver’s seat free

Air filters free

Road tyres – NO R COMPOUND – wheels to be original sizes and options or equivalent

Laurie Ardill has a 156 TI, Andrew Scadding has a 156 TI and David Barwick has also entered this category in a 147. Should numbers increase sufficiently in the future, then we will formalise this category as a separate entity to the rest of the sprinters.

The main focus of this is to provide a category that is affordable for everyone when early model front wheel drive Alfas are readily available. Hopefully this will provide a category for many hours of fun in a safe environment for all of us who like to drive in a spirited manner to the maximum capability of ourselves and/or the vehicle.

Other events on the calendar for June include:

6th June   Hillclimb Track and Test Day Collingrove

7th June   Hillclimb Wintercup Rnd 2 Collingrove

14th June  Porsche Club Supersprint Mallala

21st June  MSCA Supersprint Rnd 2 Mallala

That’s all for this month.

Hope to see your backside trackside.

Andrew Scadding