Corner Speed – October 2016

Hello and welcome to the October competition report. Thanks to a strong northerly the temperature topped a pleasant 19 degrees on the 28th August for round 4 of the MSCA super sprint series. There are few better ways to spend a Sunday than at the race track and I’m not talking about the nags, the sounds and smells are intoxicating. I challenge you to find a motorsport event that gives you better value for money. For a mere $95 you get 4 sessions on the track each consisting of 5 laps. Comparable events interstate will set you back more than $200.

AROCA is always well represented at sprint events and this Sunday was no exception. 13 club members stood at attention during the drivers briefing, 9 of which were flying the flag for our marque. The entrants list was a carbon copy of round 3 with the exception Malcolm who was back from a small break in his sons newly assembled supercharged GTV. If Malcolm looked apprehensive it was for good reason, the last time he ventured onto the track in the GTV things didn’t go to plan. Peter arrived with the 105 and Guy’s exquisite Sprint 2600 was attracting more attention than most.

In the weeks leading up to each round I plan my assault and round 4 was no exception. The GTV from fresh from North Tce Tyres where Dom and his team had given me as much positive caster as they dare. With new rear wheel bearings my rolling friction had improved and my grip levels were up after I rotated my tyres, 1:34s here I come. I finished the day out of the 1:34s but had a blast trying to get there. Neil Heywood continued his domination of the slightly modified class. Adam Savis was back in the game with a new personal best. Peter Axford had an extra skip in this step after Guy threw him the keys of the 2600 he helped create. Chris Tilbrook continued to bridge the gap to Andrew Scadding in the Formula 98 class. My mate Paul (I should drive an Alfa) Morris deserves a mention, with newly fitted tyres he wrestled his Ford Capri around the track in a time nearly half a second quicker than yours truly. It’s time for some more go fast bits!

The final round of the year will be held on the 23rd October. AROCA is required to provide flag marshals for the round so I’m looking for volunteers. If you’re interested in donating a day of your time in exchange for a free lunch and trackside seat please let me know.

The results for round 4 were as follows:

Racing U3L
First: Guy Standen
Second: Malcolm Ebel
Racing U2L
First: Peter Axford
Modified Road Reg U3L
First: David Parken
Modified Road Reg U2L
First: Adam Savis
Slightly Modified Under 2L
First: Neil Heywood
Second: Mark Thomas
Formula 98
First: Andrew Scadding
Second: Chris Tilbrook
Non Alfa over 2L
First: Paul Connelly
Non Alfa under 2L
First: Kim Thorpe

Motorsport events scheduled in October include

2 Oct Hillclimb – Vintage Collingrove
8 Oct NDCC & WACC Hillclimb Challenge Collingrove
12 Oct Ricciardo’s Racers Junior Day Mallala Motor Sport Park
23 Oct MSCA Super Sprint round 5 Mallala Motor Sport Park
29 Oct SA Time Attack – Twilight Edition Mallala Motor Sport Park
29 Oct Come and try Hillclimb Collingrove
30 Oct Hillclimb – Multi Club Rnd 4 Collingrove

Until next month remember corner speed is everything.

Mark Thomas