Corner Speed – April 2016

Hello and welcome to the April competition report. There has been no sprint activity since February’s round, however the MSCA trophy day was held on the 28th February at Mt Barker oval. In contrast to the previous years the weather was perfect, and dare I say it, I was a little cold when I first arrived. I’m excited to announce that AROCA was awarded ‘Sprint Club of the Year’ for the 2015 season which is a fantastic result, so well done to us! I’m also excited to announce that our very own Andrew Scadding received second place in the ‘Sprint Driver of the Year’ award, losing out to first place by only 0.3 sec. If that wasn’t enough Andrew also won his class, category V; well done Andrew!

I must apologise for an omission from the March article… I somehow managed to exclude Joe Grilli and Peter Axford from my fastest times table, so without further ado their respective times were as follows:

Competitor Session Lap Time
Joe Grilli 2 4 01:26.192
Peter Axford 2 3 01:25.107

The results for round 1, held on the 21st February, were as follows:

Racing Under 3L
First: Justin Wanzek
Racing Under 2L
First: Peter Axford
Second: Joe Grilli
Third: Malcolm Ebel
Modified Road Reg Under 3L
First: David Parken
Modified Road Reg Under 2L
First: Adam Savis
Slightly Modified Under 2L
First: Neil Heywood
Standard Road Reg Over 3L
First: Gary Savis
Second: Ian Barrie
Formula 98
First: Andrew Scadding
Non Alfa over 2L
First: Paul Connelly
Non Alfa under 2L
First: Kim Thorpe
Second: Mark Thomas

The Peter Hall Memorial 6 hour regularity is scheduled for the 1st May. I’m told it’s loads of fun and a great way to hone your driving skills. You can enter as part of team or as a single entry and be placed in a team by the event organisers. For further information please contact Sue Stephenson from the MSCA, Sue’s details are on the MSCA website.Remember to save the date for the 19th June as its AROCA’s turn to provide flag marshals for the sprint event. I’ve had two members already generously volunteer to assist on the day, however I need more; my goal is to provide 6 flag marshals. Remember all flag marshals receive front row seats, a free lunch and the opportunity to complete parade laps on the track during the lunch break. Sounds to me like a great day out, so please call or email me if you are interested.In my role as competition secretary there are times when I need to seek guidance from others when adjudicating matters relating to the AROCA supersprint series. This guidance comes from the competition committee which for 2016 season consists of Malcolm Ebel and Peter Axford. So if you ever have a query or concern please don’t hesitate to contact myself, Malcolm or Peter.

Until next month remember corner speed is everything.

Mark Thomas