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  • 1 pair of 1200lb front springs to suit 105 coupe. Manufactured to spec supplied by Industrial Springs for my 105 race car. $50.00 ono plus freight at cost if required
  • Bond Roll Bars manufactured Alloy 1/2 Roll cage to suit 105 coupe. NOTE – this cage does NOT comply with current requirements for roll cages as it is Aluminium Alloy. It may be used for events not requiring a cage as per the following extract from the manual 7. NON-COMPLYING SAFETY CAGE STRUCTURES Where the type and/or status of the event does not require a vehicle to be fitted with a safety cage structure, the use of a non-compliant structure is permitted, provided it is not deemed unsafe by the Chief Scrutineer. It could also be used as a template for building a steel cage. . $50.00 ono plus freight at cost if required

Contact Phil on 0439 033 105