Ad 242

Reorganising the mancave, and therefore have some of my collectibles for sale, to a good home.


Australian Grand Prix Posters, complete set of Adelaide Grand Prix from 1985 to 1995. All loose framed except 03 which is block mounted.



Sports Car World, dating from Dec 1959 to Summer 91. 185 magazines most in good condition. Many complete years, with some highlighting our Alfa Romeos. I would like to keep them together in one sale if possible as they have been together for all their lives. Stored in file boxes.

Racing Car News, dating from Sept 66 until Nov 86, 150 magazines again most in good condition. Many complete years with odd issues from Jan 77 until Nov 86. Again I would like to keep the family together. Stored in file boxes.

F1 Racing, dating from Apr 96 to 2007, with complete years 1998, 2000, 2001. A total of 84 issues in excellent condition. Have been stored on top of each other.
Please call for complete listing/suggested prices 0419 975 407, or email lozmic@bigpond

Alfa steel wheel caps

Probably Alfetta